Tuesday, September 18, 2012

100 Things I Want to Teach My Daughter

1. Beauty is a state of mind, not a state of body.
2. The benefit of the doubt is sometimes the best gift we can give our friends.
3. There will always be mean girls – that doesn’t mean we find a tower and Rapunzel ourselves away from the world.
4. Your daddy has loved you better and longer than any boy ever will.
5. Your brother will teach you how boys should treat you.
6. You’re always welcome in my wardrobe.
7. The world needs your point of view.
8. Food is a joy.
9. Your body is strong and capable of more than you can imagine right now.
10. Ice cream is a love language.
11. Cook, decorate, clean, organize because you love to, not because someone tells you you’re meant to.
12. Music makes everything better.
13. Dance – especially when you’re doing the laundry.
14. You’ll never be too old for me to rock you.
15. Nothing you tell me will ever make me want to stop hearing from you.
16. We need your story.
17. No prayer request is ever too small, too silly or too embarrassing to share.
18. Washing your face every night is the best kind of beauty routine.
19. Sunscreen – take care of your skin!
20. A good movie and popcorn make for a perfect evening.
21. Blue eyes really do melt hearts.
22. Homemade cookies are better than store bought ANY day.
23. A good movie can change how you understand someone else.
24. Words can build bridges between people.
25. Home is not where we live but who we love.
26. I’m never tired of being your mother.
27. We spent countless nights thinking up the PERFECT name for you.
28. Inevitably I will splinter your heart. But we will tweeze it out together.
29. You taught me how to feel beautiful. 30. Staying up late to read a good book is never time wasted. 31. Good girls aren’t boring. 32. A great mascara is always worth the investment. 33. Getting up at 4am, when everyone else is sleeping, just to have a cup of coffee and quiet time, is worth it.
34. I can't always help you fight your fights, but I will be there to pick you up.
35. The best way never to worry about anyone gossiping about you is never to gossip about anybody.
36. Saying sorry first is a sign of strength not a weakness.
37. I’m on your side; especially on the days when it doesn’t feel like it.
38. Your body is a temple. Treat it as such. Respect it. Love it.
39. Wait for your one true love. You will find him, and you will be glad you waited.
40. The movies lie. Passion isn’t a contorted exercise on a marble staircase, it’s doing the dishes together and lying with your feet touching in bed at the end of a long day.
41. Marriage is an act of courage, commitment and sacrifice. It’s also the most fun you’ll ever have with your best friend.
42. Always fight fair. But don’t be afraid to fight.
43. Long hair requires a really good conditioner.
44. God says He has made all things beautiful – that includes you, my love – no matter how you feel about your body.
45. Fashion is not my forte; I look forward to learning from you.
46. I love the curves you and your brother added to my body.
47. A good cry is great therapy.
48. Christian women aren’t immune from cliques. Love on regardless.
49. Bad hair days are inevitable.
50. A strong man is never threatened by a strong woman.
51. Go big even if it means failing big. Especially then.
52. Be the friend you wish you had.
53. Travel.
54. You can’t control what others think about you. Let it go.
55. A first kiss should be toasted, treasured, savored.
56. I will be your best friend. But I will be your mother more.
57. Womanhood is a gift.
58. Never forget that you can talk to me about ANYTHING.
59. Stop for sunsets.
60. Prince Charming isn’t a fairytale, he’s a myth.
61. Daughters teach us about our mothers. You gave me back my mom.
62. Jesus loves you for you. Not for your ability to bear children.
63. Husbands need a wife. Not another mom.
64. It’s true what they say about childbirth and then some.
65. Love waits.
66. Patience is never wasted.
67. Don’t just Instagram your life. Live it.
68. Dad will be the one helping you with geography and science homework.
69. Don’t be afraid of a broken heart.
70. The only thing holding you back from making a difference in the world will be yourself.
71. Daddy makes the best peanut brittle.
72. Girlfriends are the best kind of free therapy there is.
73. Don’t be afraid to be foolish.
74. Real life is always better than online.
75. A good friend loves at all times. Period.
76. Never stop WANTING to read. A good book is the best thing to have.
77. Eating too much nerds candy will be something your teeth make you regret in your thirties.
78. I’m more interested in your growth than your happiness.
79. I will earthquake wide open when you hurt.
80. If it makes you feel uncomfortable, don’t do it, wear it or say it.
81. Challenge yourself.
82. You’re the most brave when you’re the most scared and keep going anyway.
83. Learn at least one other language.
84. Marriage is better than you can ever imagine when you first fall in love.
85. Homesickness never gets easier.
86. But Dramamine is the perfect cure for motion sickness on 18 hour flights.
87. We need each other.
88. Bad haircuts grow out eventually.
89. You will love again.
90. The painful truth is always easier than a messy lie.
91. Jesus loves you, this I know. In my heart, my bones, my soul.
92. There’s no such thing as perfect.
93. You can always come home.
94. Nothing will make me love you less.
95. Nothing will make me love you more.
96. The mirror is not the boss of you.
97. My heart breaks when you are sad.
98. Your little brother loves you more than you know.
99. And he will protect you like he's your BIG brother.
100 .You will always be my baby girl.