Friday, October 22, 2010

I'm finally losing weight!

July 27th was my first day of getting up at 5am. (I get up at 4 on sundays because I have to go to work early.) I've gotten up that early every single day (except for 2 where I was feeling sick, like this morning. But I still did my morning routine when I finally got up.)

I was 180 lbs when I started. I'm down to 165.3 now! I've lost 14.7 lbs!!!
I've gone down 2 pants sizes and I've lost 7 1/2 inches off of my hips!

According to my wii, I have 83 more days to go to my December goal. And I only need to lose 1 1/2 lbs by then.

I completely stopped eating dairy because of digestive issues.
I quit drinking soda.
And yesterday was my first day of drinking only water. I'm shooting for a month of this.

I may be signing up at a fitness center. I really want to. And it's right across the street from my work, so I could stop in there after work and get in 1/2 hour to 45 minutes before going home. It's a 24 hour place.

I'm just so excited about all of this! I've been a steady 180 since a couple of weeks after Orin was born. I never thought I'd see 165 again.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

We're in the 2nd quarter of school already!

Where did the time go? We've already finished with the first quarter at school.
Morgan did awesome! She got 4 A's and a B+. She's reading at a 5th grade level (5th grade/7th month to be exact). Her teacher said Morgan is an absolute doll and she'd give anything to have a class full of Morgan's.

Orin's teacher said that he is so smart and polite. And she's sure that he is smarter than she is. lol

Fall pics...