Friday, October 26, 2012

Dr post, update

So, I don't know if everyone is getting tired of hearing me whine about this on facebook or not. I feel like all I'm doing is whining. But really, I just want to cry all the time. I went to the surgery consultation yesterday. She was only in the room for all of 10 minutes, poked and prodded on my abdomen, and made me even MORE sore. She said she couldn't determine anything until we did a CT scan. (Why didn't they already have this scheduled? Because they were saying from the beginning that I would have to have the CT scan before I could have surgery.) So, CT is scheduled for Monday morning. I have to stop all eating and drinking at 9 pm on sunday. I have to drink one of these large (450 ML) shakes at 9 pm. Then another at 8:30 am, and the last at 9:30 am. CT at 10:00. Follow up with surgeon on tuesday afternoon. I am in pain All The Time now. I get just a little bit of relief from the heating pad, and tylenol/motrin don't help at all. I just want to cry. :(